Usually in the spring our student ministry is blowing up with events and worship opportunities and while we are returning back to a semi normal spring we are still brain storming new events to do. Small groups will be meeting on Sunday morning at 9:30. Our church is currently having in person main worship services on Sunday morning at 8:00am and 11:00am with masks optional

Student Ministry In the Spring

  • Sunday School will be meeting on Sunday morning 9:30 in the upstairs classrooms in the adult hallway. 
  • Encounters/ midweek service are meeting every other week until April 7th. On April 7th Encounters will return back to every Wednesday night. 
  • Here's a link to our YouTube channel where you can find our online Encounter/midweek services from the beginning of quarantine as well as some worship videos: Click Here
  • Here's a link to our student Selection of Psalms Devotional that we did together over three weeks: Click Here