Audio Team

Thank you for your interest in serving the church on the sound team.  
Here are the steps you will need to take to prepare yourself to serve well:  

  1. Shadow Team leader for 2 Sundays.  - This is so you can see what the sound guy actually does.  Keith Hurley has been volunteer for about 10 years, and knows the process inside and out.  This is a chance for you to ask questions as well as immediately begin to serve.   

  2. Work through required ChurchMix courses.  This is some online coursework to help get you up to speed.  You will get a link to begin the work.

  3. Mix live with some guidance.  

The final step is to get the approval of the worship pastor, and team leader.  

The sound guy is usually considered more of a scientific position.  However, we think of it as the most important instrument in worship.  It is an artistic filter that sifts many, many, many hours of work and gifting.  It skillfully opens the sound gate for the church to respond.