We are all in a unique space right now as we determine how to navigate a landscape that seems to change by the hour. At Heritage Park, there are two things we are currently putting our energies towards:

1) What does it look like for the church to continue coming together to encourage and challenge each other in a moment where we can not physically gather?

2) What does it look like for the church to step in and meet the needs that are around us today?

Please see below for the latest information on those two areas. As you know, the situation is constantly changing and so we will be updating this page often with the latest information.


Starting August 2nd, we will resume in-person gatherings at 8:00, 9:30, and 11:00 am. However preschool will NOT be offered at this time. 

We will offering online service at the 11:00 service. 

We will be continuing to providing space for people to hear God's Word taught and encourage each other that are online. Towards that:

  • Each Sunday will be live streamed both this site  or facebook
  • Sunday School & Small Group gatherings are being held using Cisco Webex. If you have not received the info for your class/group, please reach out to your leader and they can get it to you.

Meeting Needs

We know these times are hard on everyone. However if you know of specific needs that need to be met and/or of those in our community that want to be of help to others. To help us coordinate our response, please Complete this form to let us know if you need help or would like to help.

Fight isolation:

Be a pen pal

One opportunity that comes in the midst of this situation is to work to strengthen the connection between the different generations of our church. 

One small way we are aiming to do that is by connecting our senior adults with our families as "pen pals" to keep in touch during this time. If you are interested, in being a part of this, please click the graphic below and complete the form.


We understand this pandemic will have financial costs to many of our people. If you need to adjust your normal giving, we understand that. If it gets to the point you are having trouble making ends meet, please let us know using form linked above for needs. 

But if you normally give to Heritage Park and plan to continue during this time, we are asking that all gifts, as far as it is possible, be moved online for the next few weeks. In the short-term, we are trying to reduce person-to-person contact as much as possible. Depositing physical checks requires two people to make a trip to the church to prepare the deposit and then a trip to the bank to drop it off. While this is, using proper precautions, fairly low risk, we would prefer to move it to no risk for a time.

Please note that on the church’s end, it is much better for the gift to be sent from your bank account versus via credit or debit card. The reason for this is a gift from your bank account has a $0.30 processing fee while credit and debit cards have a 2.2% processing fee. So if you give $100 from your bank account, $99.70 gets to the church, but with a $100 gift from your card only $97.80 goes through.

We understand that there are good reasons that you might want to continue to mail a check directly to the church or to utilize your bank’s bill pay service to contribute tithes and offerings to Heritage Park. That is completely fine. But if the avenue of giving does not matter, please consider moving your giving online for the time being.

Thank you for all you do to support what God is doing through Heritage Park!

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