The preschool years are extremely important for growth and development. Our preschoolers are learning God made me, God loves me, and Jesus wants to be my friend forever. This is show on Sunday mornings through our Sunday School classes. 

At this time we will be offering childcare for our 3yrs and younger children. We will be offering childcare at 8:00am; 9:30am and 11:00am. 

  • Touchless Check-In

    If you have not already downloaded our church center app please follow the directions below. We will be doing touchless check-in stations. 

    Church center app information: 

    • Once the app is downloaded (link to the left) find Heritage Park Baptist Church
    • Go to the "Check-in" section and check the service you will be attending.
    • After checking-in you will have a QR Code that you will scan at the check-in station. 

  • Wellness Policy

    Just clock the logo to the left to find information regarding our wellness policy. If you have any question feel free to contact Carrie at

  • Kid's Sunday School

    Kid's Sunday school classes will not met until Adult Sunday school classes resume. Check back for the future date. 

  • FAQs

    What has changed for drop off/ pick up? 

    • We will be checking in your child through the church center app and are asking that you go ahead and check the child in before arriving to church. Directions are above under the "Touchless Check In" sections. 
    • For the time being we are asking that only one parent pick up/ drop off.
    • Please do your best to keep a steady follow of traffic in the hallways we flip over the class between services. 
    • Our ratio of adult to child will be smaller than usually, so your child may not be in the same classroom as they were before spring break. Will be guiding you to those classroom when you arrive. 

    Can my child bring items from home? 

    • At this time we are asking that the only items brought from home beside  a diaper bag are a water bottle.

    Will mask be required for my child?

    • The children will not be required to wear mask during childcare. However our preschool staff members will be wearing mask as a pro-cautionary measure.