Areas to serve

As God continues to move in our community, we as a worship team hope to provide a place that is refreshing for the family of God.  Are you interested in serving?  Then look below, and find the link to get more info.  

  • Praise Choir

    The praise choir is the group of people on the stage that help lead worship on Sundays.  If you are interested in leading, click here - 

  • Seasonal Choir

    This choir gets ready for Christmas and Easter.  More technical in terms of reading music.  If you are interested, please sign up here for more info:  

  • Tech

    The worship tech team is everything from lighting, video, computer lyrics, stage, and audio.  If you are interested in more info, please click here:  

  • Instrumentalist

    We have many instruments that blend together to lead worship.  If you are interested in being an instrumentalist, please click here: